ASI: 7,161.8 (up 18 points, +0.26%)

S&P SL20: 2,850.4 (up 7 points, +0.25%)

Turnover: Rs.1,594mn (+36%)

Exchange Rate 1US$ = Rs.199.57

Market Capitalization: US$15.8bn

Foreign Purchases: Rs.193mn (vs. Rs.36mn)

Foreign Sales: Rs.312mn (+31%)


Royal Ceramics Lanka (RCL – Rs.36.7)  emerged as the top contributor to turnover with Rs.291mn (7.8mn shares), followed by Commercial Bank of Ceylon – Voting (COMB-N – Rs.80.6)  with Rs.142mn turnover (1.8mn shares) and Hayleys Fabric (MGT – Rs.18.1)  with Rs.124mn turnover (6.7mn shares)


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